Writing is not a job, it is a passion. A writer has the innate ability to pen an inspired word and stir the heart of the reader to action. If one writes without that compelling component, it is just another word. That is why there are books/writings that have passed the test of time… They have the ability to awaken the dormant soul back to life again. I will end with the definition of inspire: stimulate somebody to do something: to encourage somebody to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity “TO BREATHE”

My husband is the photographer that speaks   ‘a picture worth a thousand words,’ and I speak a thousand words to capture a picture.  God has joined us together to communicate through word and picture the ‘seasonable word of the Lord’ and reveal what has been hidden through the eyes of the soul, transforming the way we see and perceive.

The mission of Seasons of the Soul is to capture the heart with just one glance and change the course of one’s perception forever.  A journey of discovery that compels us to follow the seasons and track its footprints, documenting the ever-changing currents of creation.  As the winds of change blow into our lives, we adjust the sails to correct our course, anticipating the transition of “Seasons of the Soul.”


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