Secretariat, Paul Keith Davis

My husband and I worship and pray with another couple on a regular basis and on frequent occasion the Spirit of Prophesy falls upon us giving insight and heavenly perspective as to what He is saying to his called out ones.  It started with an experience that their son Samuel had when entering a bike race.  He was approached by some friends from crossfit to enter a 60-mile bike race through the mountains of Montana.  Samuel being the extreme adventurist exuberantly accepted the challenge.  His friends later on had discovered that the race was 60 miles one way, 120 miles round trip.  Most dropped out but Samuel proceeded.  They started the race and he kept a good pace in beginning but toward the middle of the race began to hit the wall.  He wasn’t sure if he could finish the race and heard the Lord tell him to enjoy the journey.  So he fell back and enjoyed God’s creation, communicating with Him the entire way.  Toward the end of the race, Samuel got his second wind and accelerated up the hill passing many along the way.  He saw the end of the 60-mile journey in sight, but heard the Lord whisper, “I want you to keep going when you get to the top.”  He was stunned that the Lord would tell him to keep going as he was pretty sore from the long journey to the top, but decided to obey and continue to head down the mountain for the last leg of his journey.  To make a long story short, he passed experienced bikers and came in fifth overall.

In prayer came the revelation of what will become the ‘Greatest Race Ever Run.’  Sam, along with many others who have been faithful to run the less significant races will be equipped to run the race to attain the prize for the high calling of Christ Jesus.  Perseverance and endurance to be disciplined and instructed in the smaller things will qualify these unassuming champions to receive supernatural grace and strength in the midst of their weakness.

Psalm 119:32 “I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.

As we know, Secretariat was one of the greatest champions of his day and sparked hope and expectation within the hearts of those watching that nothing is impossible with God.  Yes, it was a supernatural election that propelled Secretariat to greatness.  It was the God-breathed, God-appointed building of a champion.  And so it is today!

Take a listen to Paul Keith Davis revelation of a champion being born…



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