William Branham and the Coming Glory Repost

This is a repost of an article i wrote a few years ago that is relevant to the current events going on in this nation.  The nation is full of tumultuous turbulence and unsettled upheaval, but the Lord has a standard endowed in a bridal company who will be a ‘Voice’ in the earth declaring His word as the plumb line truth.

As many of you might know, William Branham was a humble and unassuming man who was fully devoted and committed to hearing God’s voice and obedient to the call.  God charged William Branham with a series of three visions or pulls that would set his course of ministry and model a new breed of believers, heralding the message of union with God.  The first vision or pull:  He would place his hands on people and tell them what was wrong with them.  Second vision or pull:  He would reveal the secrets of their hearts.  Third vision or pull:  He was taken to a great tent with hundreds of people filing in to experience God’s healing power.  The people began to line up for ministry when suddenly the light that would always accompany William Branham lifted and rested upon this little wooden building.  The Voice declared, “I will meet you there.”

There is a bridal company who has learned to come into the secret place and wait upon the Lord for His word,  releasing it into the earth with one voice, shaking everything that can be shaken and setting into motion His will in the earth.  There will be an overshadowing of God’s presence upon this company of sold out lovers and they will not receive any glory for themselves, but will point to their beloved who is the light of their countenance.

In December of 2014 I had an impacting dream that was imprinted upon my heart, stirring and awakening my spirit.  What we have read about in previous generations was a foretaste of what is to come and God is preparing the vessel to fully represent Him in the earth.   What they had in part will be a full expression through His sons manifesting His nature and expediting the Father’s will and intention to liberate creation from its bondage to decay into the freedom and glory of the children of God.  The Revelation will reveal Himself and we with unveiled face shall see the glory of God.

William Branham and the Coming Glory:

The city was full of commotion as the people gathered together in the commons area awaiting a town hall meeting. They all had their particular agendas written out on paper, as they milled around the crowd searching for someone that would discuss their agenda and agree with them, gaining enough momentum to have it broadcast among the people. I could see people jockeying for position from the back of the venue and the more agreement they received the further they advanced forward. It seemed to be an extended period of time that this took place and people were using the restrooms, but many were defecating on the commode and not in the toilet, creating a cesspool of filth.

As all of this was going on, I could hear William Branham echoing through the halls of eternity, “The Third Pull, The Third Great Awakening, signs, wonders and miracles…” The proclamations started off faint, like an echo in the distance, but as William Branham kept on repeating the decree, the volume increased and reverberated through the halls of heaven as sound waves began to carry into the earth. He kept on decreeing these three truths over and over again and what started out as a distant echo became an announcement in the earth for those who had ears to hear what was being spoken. The proclamation hit the earth like a sonic boom and those who had their receivers ready to hear the word of the Lord began to respond with an echo of agreement, displacing the ideology of man with the fullness of God.

The Voice of Healing was the last notable move of God that was offered to the church to restore fundamental truths and awaken the people to the reality of God’s healing power.  When the remaining bastion of forerunners move into glory, a new anointing for this new era will be available for those who have been trained, equipped and qualified by the Father in the previous season. Those who have gone on before us are cheering us on and we must press on toward the mark for the prize of the “high calling” of Christ Jesus as the forerunner of our faith, to transcend those who have gone before us and finish the race with perseverance and endurance to complete what was started.

Written by Shannon

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