Decisions and Destiny

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We are in the season of ‘decisions’ and ‘destiny’s,’ and one precedes the other.  As one nation under God, we the people have decided to tolerate the status quo and settle for a compromised, watered down version of Christianity. The form and formula seems to be the path of least resistance but it denies the power of God to transform a society and culture to look like Heaven.  A formula is defined as; a prescribed way to carry out a ceremony or ritual.

Back in the day when the Romans would conquer a city, they would send out their ecclesia (Roman legislature) and conform the culture to look like Rome.  They would cultivate behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group by training and teaching them to look like Romans.  This would guarantee the preservation of their society with no revolt.  The conquered people forgot who they were as a people and complied with the prevailing standard, attitude and practice of the established government; intimidated, manipulated and dominated by the ecclesiastical society, creating a caste system of clergy and laity.

We now have automaton (without active intelligence) people incapable of acting on their own convictions because they have taken on the collective conscience of the religious society that thinks for them.  One cannot reproduce in kind without the seed of God growing within them and multiplying sons of God in the earth.  “Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it.” Genesis 1:28

This earth that has been given to the sons of man to rule and govern it to look like heaven.  The Son of God (Jesus Christ) gave himself as a ransom for us and through His sacrifice, He made it possible to take back what was lost in the garden.  This earth is our university and God has created the perfect conditions to train up mature sons of God, made in His image and likeness, to conform to the same pattern of the perfect Son of God and reproduce it in the earth.

I believe that many are in the ‘valley of decisions,’ choosing which path to follow.  One path appears wide and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but is the path of least resistance and the way that seems right unto a man.  Or, the narrow way that leads to life and only a few find it.  This is the King’s Way!

The Father is looking for a ‘few good men (women)’ that will not follow the status quo of “business as usual,” but will be about the Father’s business.  Jesus made it possible to redeem mankind and change the course of human history by willingly giving His life for ours and the same power that raised Him from the dead is available to us if we choose His life over preserving our own self life.  It requires a commitment on our part to choose the ‘road less traveled,’ and follow Him.  Our devotion to follow Him at any cost is an act of consecration to be and then to go.

Our identity as God’s people must carry conviction with no compromise.  How have we compromised?  When we settle for less than God’s best and become common (something that is empty, worthless and without eternal value: it is doing anything that God has not initiated.  If we target anything that God hasn’t targeted first, we become a target).  Bobby Conner

There will be those who go along with business as usual and make it to heaven, but never enter into their destiny here on earth.  And there are those whose hearts are totally and completely sold out to doing the will of their Father.  Single-hearted devotion to uncover their identity in Christ and discover the true meaning of being a child of God.

In the Matrix, Neo is brought to a crossroads and offered two pills.  “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The term red pill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.”  Neo was searching for the truth and his decision would determine his destiny.

Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves until the Lord begins to unpack our baggage and reveals a higher purpose of living.  It’s not so much what we do, but who we are.  We are not judged on our deeds, but how much we have been transformed into the image of Christ.  Our character should exceed our charisma and His desire our delight.  Someone once told me, “Whatever we behold, we become like.”

“Before we were formed in our mother’s womb, He knew us.”  Before we were sent to earth, we beheld the Lord.  He knew us and we knew Him.  His image was imprinted upon our DNA.  That’s why the bible says, ‘We are made in His image and likeness.”  When we were planted in our mother’s womb, we were marked with a familiar DNA of the family we were sent to and carried some of the characteristics of the family.  He marked us with His finger and set us on a course to manifest our heavenly Father.

There was a specific study done by Austrian Zoologist Konrad Lorenz called Imprinting.  He observed the process in ducks and geese. Lorenz found that a chick will learn to follow the first conspicuous moving object it sees after hatching. Normally, this object would be the mother bird, but in various experiments, ducklings and goslings have imprinted on artificial models of birds, bright red balls, and even human beings.

In Song of Solomon, the shulamite declares, “Do not stir up or awaken love until it so pleases.”  She wasn’t ready for the awakening until Solomon awakened her heart to love.  She was aware that it must be initiated by her lover or it would be premature.  She was developing in her love for Him and He for her.  Sometimes we misunderstand the seasons of single-hearted devotion and run ahead with a copied reproduction of the original model.  There are many good things that draw our hearts away from our first love.  Other lovers will appear to have good intentions, only to be a distraction from the One thing and mark our hearts for the lesser.  Our hearts are then imprinted and stamped with an indelible mark of love’s first kiss.  The Lord desires is to draw us so that we will run after Him.  It is our response to His initiative that will set our course unto destiny.

Decisions that lead to destiny is our call and we have the choice to choose which road we take will lead to finding our destiny in HIM.  “Christ in us the hope of glory!”

“A breed of believers must arise that will set fire to the dry grass of American religion.  Instead of being available “nice guys” the army of God must become the conscience of the nation, a dread of demons, and at last a supernatural river of life for the full spectrum of human pain.  Only the glory will do that.  Let’s dispense with theories of how to make the church relevant.  God doesn’t want her merely relevant; He wants her glorious!  Only the coming of the glory will solve our weaknesses.  Only the glory of God will crash this end-time party and release millions from Satan.   As long as we entertain the idea that there is a substitute for the glory, we have already surrendered by default.  We need that glory that filled the temple and prevented the priests from ministering.   We need the glory that made Isaiah cry out, “Here I am, send me.”  The glory will come; sin will be cleansed.  Soon it will start intensifying, barriers will be broken, until suddenly… bang!  tongues of fire.  The sword of God is unsheathed, and the army of God is poured out on a waiting world!  (Critical Mass by Mario Murillo)

Let’s make God decisions so that the books of destiny can be opened to experience the greatest move of God the world has ever known!

Written by Shannon LaFreniere



One thought on “Decisions and Destiny

  1. What an appropriate time for this writing..I witness all the way through it to know that I am saying, “Here am i Lord, send me”.. Gods timing.. perfect.. He prepares laborers to further His truth n puts people in our path who r ready to escape from their lives of destruction.thank u shan.. this was a great word..

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