Dutch Sheets- The Rising Ekklesia 1-4

In the disciples’ day, the paradigm for an ekklesia (church) was very different from contemporary notions. In the disciples’ culture, an ekklesia was an assembly of people assigned to govern the affairs of a city, state or nation—in essence, a parliament or congress. To the Romans, it was an assembly of people sent into a conquered region to govern, but also to alter the culture until it became like that of Rome. They infiltrated government, language, social structure, schools, etc. until the people talked, thought and acted like Romans. In other words, they brought the culture and ideals of the Kingdom of Rome to their assigned region. When Jesus said He would build His “church,”—His ekklesia—He was speaking of a body of people that would legislate spiritually for Him, extending His Kingdom government and influence on the earth.


2 thoughts on “Dutch Sheets- The Rising Ekklesia 1-4

  1. I’ve watched this a couple years ago and felt compelled to listen to it again. I feel a rumbling of Gods government beginning to rise up to take its place as the major influence on the culture. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent takes it by force!

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