End-Time Battle


Dream: End-Time Battle 11/30/2015
I woke up to a vision/dream of grotesque looking creatures with horns and stone-like faces reaching heights of 12-15 feet. They were ancient warriors reserved for the end-time battle contending to take dominion and intent on destruction. They were brandishing age-old weapons of warfare and mankind was no match for this demonic horde. They just hovered above me in the distance as if waiting for my response. I just stood still and inquired of the Holy Spirit as to what I should ask. Out of my mouth came, “Lord, where are the sons of God?” Immediately, my attention was drawn to look behind me and I beheld the sons of God (light) rising up as if out of nowhere. They were so full of the light of God and their was no darkness in them. It was such a pure brilliance that this demonic horde had no chance against them. I was so full of joy at the sight of this pure breed of believers that would do anything for their Lord and Savior. They were a formidable army developed and trained with the weapons of warfare only forged in the fire of adversity as skilled champions that have overcome the world and its devices. Each believer had their own skill set based upon the victory they had won in the battle of their wilderness temptation. The sons/bride of Christ were the overcomers and the new breed of champions that would emerge as the end-time army of the Lord.


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