The Bride’s Anthem

bride of christ 3There are  many roads to follow but only one takes you down the right path.  Taking the road less traveled is one rarely considered.  I was one that pursued many avenues, in hopes of discovering what truly satisfied my hunger for the truth.  In my search, I was compelled to give up other interests to find the only thing that would fill the longing ache in my heart.  I began to see things differently as I journeyed down a path I had never been before.  It seemed like a long, dark corridor that never ended, but I was intrigued by the force of love that illuminated my being,  so I continued to follow.  The One who pursued me had now captured my heart and to my surprise, I responded to His call.  Who is this?  What could He see in me?  Why would He engage in this chase knowing that I could reject His advances?  I could feel Him like a shadow in the night, tracing my every step, still waiting for my response.  He was unrelenting in His pursuit, continually unfolding and revealing Himself in little ways that would cause me to be aware of His constant presence.  How could I reject this overwhelming love that drew me to Him, while other interests drove me away?  A decision had to be made and quickly.  A season of intense wrestling lead me through the ‘dark night of the soul,’ pondering where I have been and where I would go.  It seems as though He left me.  I could not sense His presence as I did before; but still I proceeded like a blind man searching for his sight.  The desert seemed to be my home, yet I could faintly hear His voice calling out to me.  I would answer but nothing in return.  I had one of two choices; to venture out into unchartered territory or go back to the familiar life I had once known.  My choice was made!  To deny my heart and reject a love so strong would be a price I was not willing to pay.  The winding road ahead would challenge my devotion to hold fast to the vow that I had made, taking the road less traveled was a lonely journey that would reveal the intentions and thoughts of my heart; coupled with the fact that others misunderstood my intention toward them.  I was seemingly caught between heaven and earth; suspended between the here and now, appealing to the highest court in the universe to bring peace in the midst of the storm.  The wind and the waves seemed to rush over me, but yet a resolve was being forged in the process of this refining.  Resignation was always on the tip of my tongue, yet I could not abandon my post.  My will was set, but I knew in this season it would not hold me.  I was at the mercy of the One who pursued me from the beginning.  Striving and driving seemed to dissipate as surrender gave its consent to yield.  Destiny awaits on the other side and His voice beckons me to come through.  A fleeting thought of fear grips my heart, being soberly aware that I could not look back and return to my former life.  Again I hear His voice from the other side and I am arrested with an overwhelming desire to thrust my hand through the door and enter in.  In the presence of One so mighty, yet so full of love I fall in adoration to worship.  I am flooded with so much emotion that all the questions seemed to melt like wax at His presence.  This is what I was born for.  My destiny is complete.  This was a personal victory and a clear reminder that when standing at the crossroads of decision, one can change the course and direction of their lives in one moment.  Gone are the days of my youthful zeal, striving to pursue every road presented before me.  Wisdom tells me to wait and see what He would say.  Don’t be hasty to apprehend the promise, for though it tarry, it will come!

Written by Shannon LaFreniere to my husband two years after his encounter with the Lord


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