A Form of Godliness With No Power

Back in August 2014, I had a troubling dream that jolted me awake, causing me to be aware of the enemies schemes to present a form of godliness, but deny the power to the church.  I remember feeling a sense of disappointment on God’s people, due to delayed hopes and dreams, which incited the enemy to give an offer they could not refuse.  It would look like the thing and sound like the thing, but it would be false charisma sent out for division/destruction.   I hope that this brings insight into the schemes of the enemy, so when this false charisma (grace)  comes, it will be recognized and rejected.

A friend and I were sitting in the back of a church, but we were invisible. I knew that the church was close to coming to the end of themselves and ready to receive the new thing. Then the scene changed and my friend and I were in this massive manufacturing plant that produced castes and forms for the churches.  A couple of workers (demons) were discussing what new form or caste they were going to create and send out to the churches.  The caste looked new, shiny and very intricate in its design, capturing the attention for itself and drawing worship to a form or formula, that nullified the effectiveness of what was to come.  I knew this plant was a section of the enemies strategy to divert the church’s attention away from the new thing and offer a reformed caste and present it as the new thing prematurely. The plant was so enormous that you could hardly see the top shelf.  There was a lot of activity in this plant and the evil was palatable.

I believe that this is an end-time strategy to cause the church to embrace a form of godliness with no power, while the new thing was appointed to be released.  It’s not easy to wait upon the Lord when you are weary in well doing and the enemy is aware that if he can get our eyes off of Jesus and shift our focus to hope deferred, there is a chance of premature conception or an aborted mission.  Abraham knew this well and birthed Ishmael.  If we are aware of the enemies schemes we might not be so quick to jump into the next thing that comes along.  We must recognize, discern and understand that the ‘new thing’ will not look like anything we have seen before.  Even the disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t recognize Jesus in his resurrected state, but when he broke bread with Him their eyes were opened.  We can’t place God in a box!  What he did in the last move will not be the pattern for the new.  We must keep our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, holding fast to our confession that what He has started He will finish!

Isaiah 43:19

“Behold,  I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?”


Written by Shannon


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