The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love

Hidden in me, hidden in you
The mystery of love, so deep and so true
My heart but did yearn to be satisfied
Draw me and I will run, for love is better than wine.
My beloved has beckoned and called me to come
I scarcely found him, he is but gone
His voice in the distance whispers my name
My beloved rise up, my fair one come away.
Why are you here in this secluded place,
Let me hear your voice, let me see your face.
My heart was touched as I sang my desire
You are mine, I am yours, my heart set on fire.
Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away
Return hastily to me, don’t wait another day.
In the night I did dream of the one I sought to love,
Give me wings so I can fly to the sky up above.
What is your beloved more than another
Searching relentlessly his love to discover.
I charge you dear maidens, if you find him
Tell him I am sick with love, his lips drip like honey,
His eyes like a dove.
Turn away your eyes from me for I am overcome,
She captured his heart with one glance of her eye
Draw near to me my love.
I am my beloveds and his desire is for me,
His seal on my heart, my spirit set free!

Written by Shannon LaFreniere


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