“Seasons of Change”

The Seasons of Change

“For everything there is a season and time for every matter or purpose under the sun…”

Windows of opportunity come with each passing season; requesting a response to initiate change. The response of the soul says, ‘its time to begin.’

The womb of the dawn is poised to conceive the blueprints drawn up, the plans to perceive. To build and to plant, to raise up again, the age-old foundations, its time to begin. The final frontier, a land undiscovered; the field of dreams, explore to recover. The rustic terrain cannot deter, the call has gone out and will not defer. To forge out ahead the pilgrims did say, “Build it and he will come” and without delay. The stage is set, curtains drawn, the canvas is laid, its time to move on………

Up mountainsides and valleys low, rivers wide, a winding road. No course is mapped to find our way, longing for another day. A new day dawning, life to appear, great expectation of hope with no fear. Reckless abandoned, the heart to explode; creation set free, forgetting the old. The sky breaks open, the clouds depart, the access of heaven, the door to the heart. Come thru, come thru, to the other side; destiny awaits for us to decide. Time stands still for just one moment, a silent refrain to seal the appointment. With bated breath and anticipation, the verdict is read, “Emancipation.”

Restrictions are lifted, creation set free, eyes wide open to who I am to be. Mysteries revealed, heritage recovered, mature sons and daughters withdraw to discover; the door standing open, presenting the way, “Come up here, revelation awaits.”

A powerful portal compels us to come; removing the veil to kiss the Son. The wait is now over, as all eyes will see, a new breed of champions, His word to decree. The seal is now broken, the scroll to be read, “Captivity is lifted, Arise from the dead.” Release ancient keys that unlock age-old doors; all things made new, Creation Restored!

Written by Shannon LaFreniere


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