“The Wisdom of our Fathers”

The Wisdom of our Fathers

“The essence of a man is not his inflated pocketbook or his classification in society, it is the value of his character.”

In our Declaration of Independence it states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

If the truth is self-evident, then we do not need to prove it is truth, the truth will prove itself. The evidence of that truth will stand on its own merit, and will support the currency of a nation, that holds fast to truth and justice and will carry it for generations to come.

What is truth? Truth is defined, ‘as faithful or trustworthy, something that is fact or reality. Something that is so clearly true that it hardly needs to be stated.’ In relation to Earth’s poles: measured in relation to geographic points on the Earth’s surface, rather than to points of magnetic attraction — True North vs. Due North… True North is measured according to its latitude and longitudinal lines; and due north is measured according to its concentrated magnetic field of attraction. Now to translate on this plane is to say, ‘if the earth is measured by the integrity of the whole that points to ‘true north,’ then the sum of its parts are indivisible and can stand on their own as self-evident. Due North is based on a concentrated magnetic field of attraction that is only relative on that plane and measured according to its own relativity. The point of reference in the definition of ‘due north,’ is magnetic field of attraction. The external ‘personal magnetism’ is often placed above internal character and leaves no lasting legacy for the children to emulate or identify as true. Therefore, a society begins to redefine truth, based upon its own relativity, dividing what was once indivisible and calling it truth.

This present generation is searching for its identity, but without “The Wisdom of our Father’s,” being passed down and imprinted upon our hearts we will burn up in our own zeal to be expedient, devoid of wisdom and no foundation to build upon. Our founding forefathers pioneered this nation to be a shining light to the nations around them and carry the torch of freedom and liberty for all who sought for it. It is time to set our compass to navigate us back to ‘True North,’ and raise the standard of Truth, making our nation a ‘city set on a hill once again. ‘

United we Stand . . . Divided we fall . . .


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