“The Pilgrimage”

We, as a people, are given the responsibility to tend to the field that we have been appointed to steward. This land called, “the Upper Peninsula,” was conceived through territorial concessions and considered to be a ‘uninhabited wildered chunk of property.’ Seemingly barren, this small undiscovered land has become the ‘crown jewel’ of the state of Michigan, bearing the responsibility to preserve and protect for generations to come.

A picture can capture what a thousand words cannot; transcribing the image onto the canvas of the heart. Purpose is the ‘pen of a ready writer,’ expanding and unfolding with verbal decree; to resonate a full response in the earth.

“Windows of opportunity come with each passing season, requesting a response to initiate change; the response of the soul says, “it’s time to begin . . . ”



2 thoughts on ““The Pilgrimage”

  1. In reading your article it brought back a remembrance of God telling me something a long time ago.
    I had my hands in water, working in a “PREP” sink at work. While working and talking to the Lord, he told me that
    I was part of the “Pilgrimage”. At that time I didn’t understand it completely, but after time, and growing in him
    I do realize now what he meant, I Praise Him, on this journey, this pilgrimage of preparation to receive his Glory
    in this land, the U.P. of Michigan.

    • That’s why i wrote about the pilgrimage on the calendar. When you received that word it resonated in my spirit as being the sacred journey we travel with the Lord that leads us home.

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